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How much does self storage cost in London?

How much does self storage cost in London?

One in ten of the London population reside in an overcrowded living space. Not everyone in the capital has enough storage space at home for their possessions. Storing a bike in a flat with limited space can be tricky, even if you get a sturdy wall bracket mount for it. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we have the remedy for your London storage woes, thanks to our three secure storage facilities in Richmond, Twickenham, and Isleworth

If you are considering hiring a storage unit in London, you may be questioning ‘how much is self storage in London?’ At Currie Easy Self Storage, we provide you with our insights into how much you can expect to pay for self storage. 

2023 Self Storage Annual Report

As per the 2023 Self Storage Annual Report by the Self Storage Association UK (SSA UK), the average cost of renting a self storage unit in London was £39.26 per square foot in 2022. You will find that prices at Currie Easy Self Storage’s personal and business storage units across West London are fair and reasonable. 

How much does self storage cost in the UK? 

Prices for renting self storage units always vary across the UK, and this is for a wide range of reasons. According to the 2023 Self Storage Annual Report, the average cost per square foot of self storage nationwide in the UK for 2022 was £27.19. 

For the most part, self storage facilities in the UK are used for the purposes of business storage (for stock, equipment and so on), people in the process of moving home, student storage, emergency storage for unforeseen life events, declutterers, anyone undergoing major home improvements, and more. 

Why is self storage more expensive in London?

The capital is home to over 8 million inhabitants, and as we know at Currie Easy Self Storage, people and businesses need storage for all manner of reasons. Therefore, storage units are in particularly high demand in London, hence they cost a bit more than in the rest of the UK. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we make it our mission to offer customers extremely competitive market prices for self storage units in London. 

What is included in the cost of self storage? 

Access to your belongings in self storage

The cost of self storage includes not only your personal belongings, but access when you need it. Our professional and friendly team are dedicated to ensuring you have access to your belongings when you need them. At our Isleworth and Twickenham self storage locations, you can have access to your belongings 24 hours a day. At our Richmond self storage location, the opening hours aree Mon-Fri 9 am-6 pm, Saturday 9 am-5 pm, and Sunday 9 am -3 pm. 

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Secure self storage in London

London is a big city like any other. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, you can rest assured that we 100% take ensuring the security of all our storage units seriously. That’s why we have 24-hour CCTV security, every single storage unit is alarmed, and each facility has a fire detection system installed. 

We have also put in place rigorous measures to ensure access to the storage buildings is regulated and managed, guaranteeing that only authorised individuals can gain access. 

What factors go into the cost of hiring self storage in London?

There are several factors that contribute to the overall cost of a self storage unit in London. These can include the size of storage unit, the duration you may need the storage unit and the goods you are storing.

The size of self storage space you need

When hiring a self storage unit, it is important to consider the size of unit you will need. The unit’s dimensions will significantly influence the cost and we therefore recommend using our convenient  storage space estimator tool. This tool allows you to visualise how much space you will need, ultimately helping you control expenses through determining the most suitable unit size. 

Worried about the size of your self storage unit? Rest assured we have plenty of self storage space for your possessions here at Currie Easy Self Storage. There are storage units of 500 square feet at our Twickenham location and if you ever find yourself requiring more space, we will be more than happy to upsize your unit.

The length of time you rent the storage unit for 

Another key part of the pricing for a self storage facility in London is the duration you rent it for. At Currie Easy Self Storage, there is no cap to the duration in which you can store your belongings.The minimum storage duration is seven days and for extended periods, you can store them indefinitely. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and are happy to offer storage units on a short-term or long-term basis. For those taking out units, for a longer period of time, special discount rates are available.  . 

Do I need to take out insurance for my self storage? 

All storage units should do their best to protect and safeguard your property. At Currie Easy Self Storage, we insist that you have your own insurance policy in place before you move your goods into storage. Otherwise, for a small fee, we can put your goods on our insurance. 

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When do I pay?

If you want to stay ahead of payments, you can always pay your self storage in advance. Go with us, and we will invoice you every 28 days. 

Is there a deposit for self storage?

Yes, self storage providers in London will ask you to provide them with a security deposit. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, customers pay an entirely refundable security deposit equivalent to the four weekly rate.
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