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Clear Space, Clear Mind

It’s no secret that you don’t get as much property for your money these days. With an ever growing population, flats and houses have only got smaller over the years. This usually means that you end up with the horrible task of having to decide which things to let go of, in order to have a clutter free home, but there is a far better option – self storage! If you don’t have a spare room, you’re always welcome to use one of ours.

A woman is sorting out the clothes in her wardrobe.
Your New Walk-in Wardrobe

Do you struggle to find something to wear because your wardrobe is crammed with clothes? We know the feeling. Storage isn’t just for people moving home. Currie easy Self Storage offers units from as little as a 16sqft locker, which is perfect for clothes or shoe storage. You may be surprised how many people use storage to rotate their wardrobe each season.

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For Positive Mental Health

Clutter is known to have a myriad of negative impacts on your physical and mental wellbeing. Our homes become cluttered for a number of reasons; uncontrollable consumer impulses, sentimental reasons, fear that we may need certain objects in the future and many more. Storage units allow you to keep all the things you love, and have a clutter free home all at the same time!

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A smiling woman is relaxing in a rocking chair in her bedroom.
Desk items are packed in a storage box. An alarm clock & sellotape dispenser are placed in front.
Make Way for the New Office

Work-from-home is the new norm for so many people now. You may want to clear your space at home so that you can work in a more motivating and productive environment and there are so many advantages to doing so. Whilst the sofa may be tempting, it’s not very practical. Storing away goods you don’t reach for often may be the perfect solution. Remember you can store for as little or as long as you like. We’re flexible.

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