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How to store garden furniture 

How to store garden furniture 

If you are lucky enough to have a pleasant patio or garden space, you should make the most of it. Having lovely furniture in your outdoor space at home can be ideal for when you want to socialise with friends during the summer months and soak in the rays. Sadly, autumn will quickly come along too quickly, and the cold and rain will start to kick in once again. So, you will need to have adequate garden furniture storage on hand to protect it all from the elements. 

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we are proud specialist experts in all things personal self storage and business storage related. You may be a big fan of stylish garden furniture, if so, you will want to protect it and make sure it is kept in excellent condition by being stored properly. We have come up with a few top ideas on how to store garden furniture. 

Garden furniture coverings 

If you decide to store your garden furniture indoors when the winter arrives, a special cover will help to protect it from dust and moisture, and if you decide to keep furniture outdoors, you could 100% benefit from using well-fitted outdoor furniture covers. Plastic furniture in particular can deteriorate and become discoloured if exposed to too much daylight, and wooden furniture doesn’t fare well in the rain. 

Image of outdoor garden furniture coverings.

How to ensure garden furniture remains in good condition in the winter

Alongside specially fitted garden furniture covers, there are other ways to help preserve garden furniture you are putting into storage for the winter. For instance, soapy water can help to ensure plastic furniture remains in good condition, a toothbrush and a high-pressure hose can keep wicker and rattan furniture in good nick, and oil treatment products applied with a brush can do wonders for wooden garden furniture. 

Move garden furniture to sheltered areas 

Moving garden furniture to sheltered areas of the garden will mean that it is far less exposed to the elements, and may come out the other side of the winter in better shape as a result. This may involve placing furniture under a gazebo, tarpaulin, or an awning in your garden. 

Store cushions and garden furniture accessories indoors

You may have decided to keep outdoor furniture in sheltered areas of the garden instead of bringing it all indoors, but remember to take the cushions off sofas and chairs and store them indoors. You certainly do not want them getting wet. 

In addition, you may have other garden furniture accessories such as armrests, tablecloths, coasters, and pergolas, and you should also try storing such items indoors to protect them. 

In the garage

Not everyone has a garage at home, so, if you are fortunate enough to have one, you ought to make the most of it! It is not just cars that you can store in home garages, it can also be a useful place to store your garden furniture. Why not carefully place your garden furniture in your garage space when the cold wet weather arrives?

Use the garden shed 

A garden shed is not only a great place to store lawnmowers, shears, wheelbarrows, and other items of garden and home equipment, but you can also use one to store garden furniture. Of course, it will depend on the size of your garden shed, large garden tables and sofas may not fit in smaller size garden sheds. 

Try and be resourceful and maximise how you use the space in your garden shed. For example, create organised shelves instead of leaving items on the floor, this will only reduce the amount of floor space you have available to store garden furniture. 

Image of a secure self storage unit.

Hire a storage unit

Hiring a storage unit at Currie Easy Self Storage could be an apt solution to your garden furniture storage dilemmas. We are extremely flexible, and you can rent one of our storage units in Richmond, Isleworth, or Twickenham for as little as seven days. 

Unsure about the size of storage unit you will need to store your garden furniture? Use our space estimator tool to give you the best storage unit size recommendation. Need a little more space? Don’t worry, we can sort that out for you in no time. 

Need help moving your garden furniture into a storage unit? Our affordable car & van hire service can make this all run smoothly for you. Currie Easy Self Storage customers are entitled to a special discount for car & van hire.

We can help you with your garden furniture storage. Send us a message on our website or email or just give the friendly team at Currie Easy Self Storage a call on 08000 556 556