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Home fitness equipment storage 

Home fitness equipment storage 

The COVID-19 pandemic undoubtedly sparked enthusiasm for home fitness, with half of UK consumers buying home workout products in this period.

Even if you have since stopped using the get-fit gear you picked up back then, now seems like a good time for you to dig it out again. The cost-of-living crisis has led about five million Brits to cancel, or at least consider cancelling, a sports or exercise membership.

This has left exercising at home looking like a good-value alternative — but how can you make home fitness equipment storage work without it taking up an uncomfortable amount of space in your home?

Hang up skipping ropes and resistance bands

Both of these can prove crucial parts of your fitness toolbox. However, if you already regularly work out at home, you have probably often reached for a particular rope or band, only to realise that it has somehow become messily tangled up. It could all bring to mind the days of using wired earphones.

A woman exercising at home with a resistance band with her small dog watching.

While no one has exactly managed to bring the AirPods-style, hands-free approach to skipping ropes or resistance bands, what you could do is install a few hooks from which you would be able to hang ropes or bands that you do have.

Put your exercise mat on a rack

An exercise mat can come in useful for lots of different things — including yoga, Zumba, and weightlifting sessions. However, there remains the question of how, when you do not need to use the mat, you can stash it away without it being left looking untidy or cumbersome.  

One solution could be placing the mat on a rack itself attached to a wall. That way, the mat will be off the floor and so leave space free there, and can even serve as an aesthetically pleasing piece of décor. Of course, this is assuming the mat genuinely looks nice — you might not have chosen it just for practical reasons!

Make good use of accessible wall space

Walls are often underutilised as home fitness equipment storage space. One possible reason why is that it is not always clear how walls can be effectively leveraged in this manner — but this is a situation where it can really pay for you to apply some creative thinking.

A kettle bell, four weights and a water bottle on the floor of a home gym.

For a start, perhaps you could put up a pegboard before affixing the likes of hooks and shelves to it. In doing so, you can provide yourself with the ideal place to put relatively small bits and pieces — like dumbbells and headphones — where you will be able to easily retrieve them as and when necessary.

Find some standing shelves for holding your heavy weights

While you usually have a lot of options when it comes to home fitness equipment storage, one exception to this rule concerns heavy weights.

Their immense size can lead them to take up an uncomfortably large amount of storage space. You also need to be careful how you place them in that space, lest you accidentally knock one of those weights over and it lands on your toe.

That’s why it’s a good idea for the heavy weights to be kept on standing shelves resilient enough not to buckle under the strain.

Turn a wardrobe into a dedicated storage unit for gym gear

Have you ever found yourself eager to start a workout session but struggling to recall where exactly you chose to store the specific equipment you need for it?

One way to prevent this from happening again is to keep all of your workout equipment in what is essentially one place. This begs the question: what place would be big enough?

A wardrobe in a brightly lit room.

You might have a wardrobe spare — in which case, you could give it a set of robust shelves for accommodating weights, mats, and other exercise essentials.

Pack surplus gym gear away into storage containers

Naturally, you could be inclined to change and refine your workout routines over time. As a result, certain pieces you originally bought, say, a year ago could have since been rendered redundant. 

Still, it doesn’t strictly follow that you will never pick up those items again. It might only be a matter of time before you are in the mood to start using them again. For this reason, why not look into renting a few storage units for keeping personal items away from your home but still safe and secure?   

Our West London company Currie Easy Self Storage offers units like these for hire in Richmond, Twickenham, and Isleworth. If you live locally, you could leave us to look after workout items on your behalf before you potentially start longing to reacquaint yourself with them.

Use a storage container as a gym

You might be surprised to know that this is possible with storage units we offer here at Currie Easy Self Storage. You could set up — and subsequently, make regular visits to — a ‘home from home’ gym in a West London storage container we lend you.

Fitness equipment on an exercise matt.

If you do take this route, you could easily appreciate saving space in your actual home — not to mention getting many of the benefits you would with a standard gym, sans the expense of a gym membership.

We invite you to get in touch with Currie Easy Self Storage, as we will be happy to provide you with further details of self storage facilities we run. You can reach us by phone on 08000 556 556, or email