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The Benefits of Using Student Summer Storage

The Benefits of Using Student Summer Storage

There are over 2 million students attending university in the UK, all of which will at some point start to think about where they are going to live, and how they are going to fit their entire life into one room! Using self storage throughout the summer can be highly beneficial for students, especially in London. Here are some advantages of utilising student storage with Currie Easy Self Storage.

Secure Student Storage for Belongings:

Self storage facilities offer a safe and secure environment to store your belongings while you’re away for the summer. Whether you’re heading home for a few months or travelling, you can have peace of mind knowing that your items are protected from theft, damage, or unauthorised access. At Currie, we have 24-hour security and CCTV on all sites, so you can be sure your items will be kept safe.

Flexible Rental Options:

Currie’s storage facilities offer flexible rental options, allowing you to choose the size of the storage unit based on your specific needs. Our units range from 10sq ft to 200sq ft, catering for everyone. Whether you have a few boxes of personal belongings or need to store furniture and larger items, there will always be a  storage unit size that suits your requirements and budget. If you’re unsure of what size unit you may need, why not use our space estimator to help you out?

Self Storage with Convenient Access:

Most storage facilities offer extended access hours, at Currie, our sites are open from 9 am – 6 pm, allowing you to retrieve your belongings whenever you need them. We are also open during weekends, this flexibility is especially helpful for students who may have intermittent summer plans and need to access their stored items at different times.

How to Avoid Extra Transport Costs:

If you’re travelling back home for the summer or taking an extended trip, transporting all your belongings can be costly and inconvenient. Using a self storage unit near your university or college allows you to leave your items in a secure location without the hassle of moving them back and forth.

Simplifying Year-End Moves:

Many students move to new accommodations at the end of the academic year. By using self storage throughout the summer, you can avoid the rush and stress of moving all your belongings at once. Gradually moving items out of storage can make the year-end move much more manageable.

Budget-Friendly Self Storage Solution:

Compared to keeping your rented accommodation over the summer or moving all your belongings back home, using self storage can be a cost-effective option. Our rental rates are affordable, and we have plenty of offers and discounts for students! You only pay for the space you need for the specific duration of time required.

Using Currie Easy Self Storage throughout the summer can provide students in London with a convenient and secure solution for their belongings. It helps simplify those awkward mid-summer moves, protect your sensitive items and ultimately offers a stress-free and cost-effective approach to managing belongings during the summer break. Please do get in touch with our friendly team, we would be happy to talk you through our offers available and find the perfect storage solution for you.