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How much does self storage cost?

How much does self storage cost?

Self storage can be a godsend. If you’re moving, growing your business, or just trying to free up some room, having an extra space to squirrel things away can be super handy. 

Some self storage companies are pretty pricey though. It can feel like a lot of money for just a container where you can keep your stuff. However, if you know how to navigate storage pricing and spot the affordable places then you can take full advantage of everything self storage has to offer.

So… how much does self storage cost?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here, as the price of a self storage unit depends on a few different factors. It can be tricky to navigate too. Some companies offering straightforward all-inclusive prices, some giving quotes based on square foot, and some giving a base price with everything else as a paid add on.

The quickest way to find out what sort of price you can expect to be paying is to get quotes from multiple different companies and then compare them. This will help you get a good idea of price. You can narrow it down by your location and the sort of facility you need. 

However, we know for many people that the most important factor in deciding which storage option is right for them is the price. You might find self-storage as thrilling as we do, but we can’t imagine you’re overjoyed at the prospect of scouring the internet for hours to collect quotes to compare.

So, as a rough guide, the Self Storage Association released average storage prices in their annual industry report for 2021. It turns out that the average rental cost of self storage is £23.94 per square foot per year. In terms of real world pennies, this would work out to be £478.80 per year for a storage unit of 20 square foot. Bear in mind though that often the bigger the unit, the cheaper the price per square foot. 

It’s important to remember that the prices you uncover may be dramatically different to this. The national average can’t take into account the factors that the price is based on – like location. It’s also the base rate, before things like insurance, VAT, and other add ons. 

Whilst price can be make or break in deciding where to store your belongings, there’s a lot more to consider too. There are many factors that can cause the price to vary. The cheapest possible storage unit isn’t necessarily the best bet! Let us guide you through the other variables you need to consider.

What factors does the price of self storage depend on?

Sure, it’s easy to just look at the price and pick based on that. However, you might well be cheating yourself out of a deal or out of getting more bang for your buck. Here are some questions to ask yourself so you’ve got more to consider than the pounds and pence. 

1. How important is location?

There’s no replacement for a good location. The location of a self storage facility will be reflected in the price, with centres closer to city centres or London running at a pricier cost. As you move further north, prices tend to drop. For instance, here at Currie Easy Self Storage, prices at our Twickenham and Isleworth locations start at £8.25 per week, and prices at our Richmond location start at £13.20.

However, there’s no point picking the northernmost self storage facility that you think you can muster the energy to drive to just to save a few pounds. If your storage isn’t easily and quickly accessible to you, you won’t use it as much as you could and it will become a chore instead of something that gives you a helping hand. 

Pick a storage unit close enough to you to get the full benefits of it, but if you have the option then try to pick one away from London and city centres. Many providers will have multiple locations, but it’s worth noting that it’s unlikely these will all be priced the same. 

2. How long will you be staying? 

If you only need a storage solution to help you out with a move or for some other short term reason, then it’ll be hard to rack up large costs (unless you need a warehouse-size space!). If you’re planning on staying for a big chunk of time then these costs will be more significant. However, many storage providers offer introductory offers (here at Currie Easy Self Storage we offer 4 weeks free storage when you pay for 4 weeks, which is a lovely 50% off for 8 weeks) which can make a huge difference if you’re only looking for short-term storage. 

Some providers also offer discounts on long stays, or discounts for NHS and emergency services staff or military personnel. 

3. Is size everything?

Most self storage companies will have a range of different sizes of unit. Some companies have a large selection, from small lockers to large warehouse type spaces. Of course, larger spaces will cost more than smaller spaces. Having said this, you’ll often find better deals per square foot on bigger spaces.

If you’re unsure of the sizing, many places will let you up or downsize as you need. You don’t want to be starting off in the wrong size unit though. Use our handy space estimator so you can get it right the first time! 

4. How pricey is your stuff?

If you’re storing eye-wateringly expensive stuff in your storage unit, this could drive the price up. Many storage companies require you to either:

  • Take out an insurance policy with them that covers the belongings in your unit
  • Provide evidence that you have a contents insurance policy which covers the items. 

It’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to make a claim on it. Most reputable self storage companies offer round the clock CCTV, but this policy still allows the company some security and allows you some peace of mind. 

This does mean that the more spendy the contents of your storage unit are, the more pricey your unit will end up being. 

5. What facilities are available?

A bare bones self storage centre with nothing but a place to store your stuff is likely to run cheaper than a storage facility that pulls out all the stops. If all you need is the basics, this could be a great way of cutting down costs. 
However, there are many self storage companies offering services like car and van hire, box shops, document storage, and more. Some companies also offer free padlocks or insurance, so it’s definitely worth weighing up what you could get for your money.

How can Currie Easy Self Storage help me? 

Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we have a long history of providing affordable storage with unrivalled customer service and support. 

With three different locations, flexible rental periods to suit your needs, and over 20 different sized spaces for you to choose from for storage, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to help you find a storage solution that suits your needs. 

Contact us or get a no-obligation quote today and we’ll help you find the perfect self storage space.