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Storage FAQs

What Is Self Storage?

Self storage offers flexible storage solutions to individuals and business. Store whatever* you want for as long as you want in your own personal storage room that is clean, dry and secure. You lock it and keep the only key.

What Security Do You Have?

Our units are monitored 24 hours a day by a state of the art CCTV security system. Your individual unit will is alarmed and the site has a fire detection system.

How much does it cost and are there any hidden charges?

The cost of your unit depends on the size. Our fully trained staff can advise and quote. Our quoted price is all inclusive. Your goods do need to be insured, however, we can help with that.  A fully refundable security deposit equal to the 4 weekly rate will be required.

How And When Do I Pay?

You will be invoiced on a four weekly (28 day) basis payable in advance. We accept most major credit cards, debit cards and cheques.  You can also set up a direct debit.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of time I can store?

Minimum storage time is seven days. There is no maximum.

Will I Need Insurance?

Yes for your own protection this must be in place before you can move your goods into storage. For a small administration charge we can include your goods on our insurance or you are welcome to arrange your own cover.

Do I Need To Book A Unit In Advance?

No you can come in today, complete the licence agreement and move in. It is always advisable to book in advance if you can.

How Much Notice To Leave Do You Require?

We need seven days written notice. If you have paid in advance any unused rental and the initial security deposit will be refunded.

How Often Can I Have Access To My Goods?

As often as you like during our opening hours at Twickenham and Richmond but at Isleworth you have access 24 hours a day.

I Am A Student What Discount Can You Offer Me?

We offer students special deals, simply call to find out the details.

I Don’t Need A Whole Unit Are There Any Other Options?

We have secure, clean and dry lockers that will meet your requirements.

Do You Offer Any Discounts For Long Term Storage?

We offer special rates for long term storage and payment by direct debit.

What Can I Store?

Almost anything.


  • Living goods – animals/plants
  • Dangerous materials – flammable liquids and explosives
  • Perishable items
  • Illegal or unauthorised items – firearms etc


Customs and Police have statutory powers which allow them access to your room should they serve the necessary notice on Currie Easy Self Storage.

Where can I get Boxes and Packaging?

We offer an extensive range of boxes, bubble wrap, tape, padlocks and storepaks.  All available in store.

Are There Trolleys Available?

Trolleys and pallet trucks are available and free of charge for customers to use.

Can I Talk To Someone If There Is A Problem?

There will always be a trained member of staff available for you to talk to during our opening hours.