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How to store garden tools

<strong>How to store garden tools</strong>

When you have a garden, it’s natural that you will want to have the right tools available to make sure it can flourish. You need to keep your garden tools in good condition if you want to get the best out of them. 

With that said, you need to think about how you’re going to end up storing these tools. If you leave them outside, they’re likely going to get damaged because of the weather and outdoor environment. 

To get the best out of your garden tools, you need to store them effectively. Here are the best ways to store your garden tools.

Hang your tools off the wall

If you have a varied bunch of small tools lying around your garage or garden shed, your first instinct may be to just put them in a box. The problem is you can put that box away and forget about what’s actually inside of it. That means when you need a gardening tool, you will ultimately end up with a scenario where you won’t have what you need when it’s most useful. 

Garden tools hanging on a wooden sign on a wall that's embossed with the text 'HOME AND GARDEN'.

To avoid this situation, you may want to hang your small gardening tools on the wall with hooks. You can make this look as aesthetic as you choose. For instance, you can use a standard metal hook, but you can also use baskets to make it have a cottage-core effect. This can keep the floor clear of mess. Therefore, you won’t fall over and hurt yourself when you’re looking for your gardening tools.

Carry-all boxes 

Create a carry-all box that has separate compartments for your tools. These boxes have slots for different tools, making it so much easier for you to take tools to different areas of your garden without dropping them. You can make the box look neat and organised and place it somewhere handy ready to be taken out when needs be. This will make the whole process of finding your garden tools so much easier.

Object holders

There are so many different quirky objects in your garden that you can use to hold your smaller tools. This includes plant pots, mailboxes, old rakes and buckets. You can even use random objects to hold up larger garden tools, like brushes, rakes, or pitchforks. 

Examples of these objects include PVC pipes, filing cabinets and pegs on the wall. Look around your garden shed or garage and see what you can use. It’s a great way to be sustainable and eco-friendly in the process.

How do I look after specific tools that I use in my garden? 

It’s understandable that you may have questions about specific garden tools in your shed. Here are some of the most common garden tools and how you can look after them: 

  • Lawnmowers: put your lawnmower in a dry place that is protected from the outside world. Do not put it next to different appliances, water heaters or furnaces
  • Hedge trimmers: place in a secure location with a protective sheath across its blades. You should avoid damp locations and keep them off the floor
  • Chainsaws: empty the fuel tank and remove the chain and guide bar to make sure you can clear it and protect it with oil before placing it in a dry area
  • Shears: avoid placing them in an area that is humid or stores chemicals. Place them in their case or use a protective casing over the blades. You can hang them up or place them on your table
  • Plant pots: stack the plant pots on top of each other and place a piece of paper between them to keep them separate. You can also place them in wooden crates or on a wagon to make sure they can be easily pulled into your garden in the future
A shed in a sunny garden with the doors open displaying a tidy arrangement of garden tools.

Currie Easy Self Storage is here to help

If you’re looking for a good way to store your favourite gardening tools, Currie Easy Self Storage is here to support you. You don’t just want to leave your gardening tools out to rust. But at the same time, you may not have the storage space at home to keep them well-organised. This can stop them from getting lost. 

Having lost tools can be extremely irritating when you need them the most. Worse still, this may force you to get new tools, leading to duplicates in the future. This disorganisation can make it very difficult to keep your space as efficient as possible when it comes to your gardening.

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we can provide you with a large, safe space where you can leave your tools. We have CCTV and access controls, including a unique pin or code, available to keep your gardening tools safe. By having this extra space, you will find it easier to locate your tools when you need them the most. You can also use the space to hold your larger gardening equipment, like your lawnmowers and hoses. 

Whenever you need your gardening equipment, you’ll be able to collect them from your Currie Easy Self Storage unit. After all, you will have full 24-hour access to the facility and flexible storage options, so, it’s perfect for any request you have. 

Are you ready to store your garden tools? 

As a garden enthusiast, you probably have a variety of garden tools that need to be stored away properly. Whether you own a garden shed, a storage box or have even looked into Currie Easy Self Storage, it’s important that you do your best to keep them clean after using them. 

If you’re interested in hiring a self storage unit with us here at Currie Easy Self Storage, contact us today. To get in touch with one of our specific self storage facilities, please use the direct telephone number for your desired location. Alternatively, email or fill out our contact form and the team will be back in touch with you.