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Benefits of self storage 

<strong>Benefits of self storage </strong>

Self storage has become increasingly sought-after in the UK by businesses and families and individuals alike. 

One of the driving forces behind this trend is population growth and people having less living space nowadays, meaning more families are after that extra bit of storage space they lack at home by hiring space at a self storage facility. In 2021, there were 19.3 million families in the UK, this amounted to a 6.5% increase over a decade from 2011.

In addition, the booming eCommerce industry is making the most of using self storage facilities as a way to store and manage stock. eCommerce has rocketed since the pandemic, and online shopping is more popular with British consumers than ever. In May 2022, internet sales accounted for 26.6% of all official UK retail sales, compared with 19.7% in February 2020. 

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we are in a great position to provide our industry insight into the positives of using self storage. We have created this blog post to discuss with you the benefits of self storage. 

Image of a couple packing a storage box.

Perfect for helping you have a good declutter

Whether it is your family home, flat, home or business office that needs a good tidy-up, making the most of self storage facilities can help you declutter and make better use of space in no time. 

For example, if you work from home, you will know just how important it is to be able to concentrate on the task at hand, the last thing you want is to get yourself into a habit of being lethargic and less productive due to your brain getting distracted by clutter. 

Looking to get your house ready for sale and want to declutter your place ready for home viewings? At our Currie Easy Self Storage Twickenham branch, we have storage containers that are 500 sq ft in size, more enough space to house your household possessions.

Flexibility and convenience

Another benefit of hiring a self storage is the sheer flexibility it provides. Going with our services at Currie Easy Self Storage will mean that you won’t have to book in advance. You can come in person today and complete a licence agreement to move your things in. 

Worried about how it works when you want to leave? Fear not, all you have to do is provide us with seven days’ written notice. If you have paid in advance, any unused rental and the initial security deposit will be refunded to you.

Another handy thing about self storage sites is the convenience factor. Having a local storage facility not too far away from you that you can access whenever can be hugely beneficial.

Do you live in the Greater London area? You will be pleased to hear that you can receive full 24 hours a day access to our Isleworth and Twickenham stores.

Enhanced security

There is a real sense of peace of mind that comes with knowing you are leaving your belongings in a self storage facility where security is a top priority and your items remain safe and sound. 

Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, our units are monitored around the clock 24 hours a day by a state-of-the-art CCTV security system. Your storage unit will be alarmed and have a fire detection system, and only authorised persons are allowed to enter the building. 

Image of security intercom system.

An ideal storage solution for businesses

Does your business rely on you having a constant healthy stock supply so you can provide customers with products? If so, self storage could be an ideal solution to your inventory management headaches. 

Self storage can be ideal for all different types of businesses by helping to keep your supplies running nice and smoothly to ensure your customers stay satisfied. 


Another advantage of self storage is that it is a cost-effective storage option, particularly for business use as it costs considerably less than hiring a traditional warehouse unit. Any savvy business owner knows that one of the keys to improving your profit margins is reducing your spending on overheads, and using a self storage unit to store your stock can help you do just that.

Handy for eCommerce businesses with plans to expand

Perhaps you run an eCommerce business that is growing at an impressive rate with sales going through the roof? To meet the increase in demand from online customers, you will need to have higher levels of stock ready to go out for delivery. 

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we are well-placed to be able to help you with your eCommerce company’s storage needs thanks to the business and commercial units we provide.

Image of cardboard boxes and a mobile

A helping hand for storing seasonal items

Are you an eCommerce store that sells distinctly seasonal products, such as winter clothes, Christmas collections, Halloween decorations, or summer fashion items? Self storage can go a long way in helping you to store your seasonal items.

After all, as long as they are in excellent working condition, there may be no need at all to chuck away your leftover Christmas products. Instead, store them away in a self storage unit. 

Self storage can help with your home moving process

Moving home is often thought to be one of the most stressful things you can go through as an adult. It will greatly help you to sell your home quicker and for it to go a higher price if it is spic and span and in mint condition for when prospective buyers come around for a house tour. 

So, why not hire a self storage unit as temporary storage so you can move your things in gradually and take a weight off your mind when you are in the midst of the whole home moving process?

A great option for students 

In the 2021/22 academic year, there were a total of 2.86 million people studying at UK university institutions, including home and international students. 

The accommodations that students tend to live in, whether on-campus or in flats rented privately, aren’t renowned for being spacious and offering students much in terms of storage capacity. Therefore, hiring storage units at self storage facilities is a great option for students taking lots of their belongings to uni.

At Currie Easy Self Storage, our three storage locations across Greater London are conveniently located near London universities, Reading and Surrey University, so, we are used to tailoring our services for students. If you are a student, you can learn more in our blog all about life hacks for university students.

Do you see the benefits of self storage and now feel like hiring a self storage unit for yourself? Get in touch today by calling us on 08000 556 556 to speak with our helpful team or emailing