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Easter decoration ideas for home

Easter decoration ideas for home

For lots of us, Easter can feel like the start of spring. Sure, across the UK we’re still seeing lots of drizzle, but the evenings are getting lighter and the days are getting warmer. You’ve done your spring cleaning, and started making plans for the summer. It’s time to decorate your house in a way that makes you feel like spring has finally sprung!  

Many people don’t decorate their homes for Easter, but since the start of the pandemic, lots of people are realising that celebrating can be good. It’s a great way to brighten the mood – and to ease pandemic fatigue! So with this in mind, ring in the season with our Easter decoration ideas. 

Decorate some eggs

This is a great way to get the little ones involved too! You can either use regular paint to decorate your eggs or children’s temporary tattoos! They’re a great way to add instant decoration if you’re not especially artsy. 

Whether you’re painting or “tattooing” your egg, here’s how to do it: 

Boil your eggs first, and then leave them to cool and dry. If you’re painting, now you can have at it! If you’re using temporary tattoos, then you’ll want to follow the instructions on the packet. Most of them require you to take the protective plastic sheet off and place face down on the surface you want to tattoo. Then, with a wet cloth, press and apply slight pressure to get the tattoo thoroughly soaked. Leave it on for about a minute, and then slide off the paper backing sheet and let the tattoo dry.      

And then, ta-da! You’ve got beautifully decorated boiled eggs that you can either eat or use as easter decorations throughout your home. 

Florals for spring                

Whilst florals for spring may not be a groundbreaking idea,  it’s definitely a good one. Florals in springtime are a classic for a reason: they’re light and bright. On top of this, if all the flowers are blooming outside then why wouldn’t you want to bring them inside too? There’s something so uplifting about clean and bright floral patterns. So whether it’s tablecloths, napkins, bedding, curtains, or cushion covers, bring the flowers inside this spring.       

Florals remind us of the natural world outside – which, during this time of year, is brimming with new life and colour. But the flowers outside don’t match each other in colour, so why do your floral prints inside have to? If you’re brave enough, really embrace a spring theme with clashing floral prints. Make sure the look is tied together by a base colour that runs through all the pieces though, to keep it looking tidy and pretty.   

Fill the house with flowers      

If a floral print doesn’t scratch the springtime itch for you, bring some real flowers in.  Whether you like to arrange your own bouquets or buy them, it’s time to extend Easter throughout the house with some real flower power.           

If you’re having people over for a big lunch or dinner on Easter Sunday, listen up. An Easter Sunday table won’t feel like an Easter Sunday table without bright florals. If you don’t want to crowd the table too much, simple white vases with daffodils or tulips in them are a fuss-free way to display flowers. Alternatively, you could take a look at our next tip…

Hang an Easter wreath 

Out with the Christmas wreath, in with the Easter garland. An Easter wreath made of delicate florals and decked out with brightly coloured eggs makes a perfect springtime addition to your door or table.  Whether you choose to make your own or buy a wreath, there are many different styles you could go for to suit your home. 

If you’re after something you can use again and again there are a couple of options. Either make a wire frame you can reuse with fresh flowers year after year, or you can make a wreath with reusable flowers. 

Make bunny ear napkins

This is another one you can draft your little ones in to help you with. Making bunny ear napkins will bring a fun Easter touch to your table. They’re also simple enough to make using just a few simple folds. 

There are plenty of tutorials online to help you and your little one out! Just remember, if you’re involving your kids you may get a few “wrong” folds along the way. If you’re using starchy fabric napkins, practice with paper napkins first. 

Yellow, yellow

The colour yellow is an instant mood booster. Bringing with it visions of summer days and daffodils, it’s officially the colour of spring. 

Inject it into your home wherever you can. Sure, you might not want to fully replan your interior design around a spring colour, but there are ways you can add it in. If any feature walls need a lick of paint, splash some yellow on there. Alternatively, consider yellow throw blankets and pillows, napkins and tablecloths. Even little splashes of colour will make a big difference.

Eggs everywhere!

Eggs-cited for Easter? Ready for an egg eggs-travaganza? Okay, okay, we’ll stop. But if you want more egg related easter decoration ideas, we’ve got you covered. 

Egg decorations don’t have to be limited to painted eggs for breakfast. If you really want to go the eggs-tra mile (sorry…) this Easter, try to find other opportunities to pop them around the house. 

For instance, you could fill clear glass vases or jars with them. You could also scatter them in plant pots at the base of your plants or at the bottoms of table lamps. Or you could try our next tip…

Trees aren’t just for Christmas

The Christmas tree is a seasonal staple. Come December 24th, every family that celebrates Christmas will have one up. But despite spring being the season of growth and new life, putting up Easter trees isn’t super common. 

Well, we’re going to change that. You can buy Easter trees, if that’s the way you want to go, but you can also make your own. 

Here’s how to do it: 

  • Arrange freshly cut branches in a tall vase or pot. You can use branches that are flowering for an extra springtime feel. 
  • If you want to string lights or bunting from your tree, do this before hanging anything else. 
  • Hang ribbons and Easter ornaments from the branches.

If you want to hang actual eggs from your tree, it’s easy to do this too. Hollow out your eggs using an online tutorial and then string ribbons through them. If you want to paint them, paint them carefully after hollowing them out.  

When Easter is over, your decorations can get boxed up with your Christmas things. Keeping seasonal decorations all in one place is the best way to make sure you always know where to find them. If you’re running short on room, consider self storage.We get it, there never seems to be enough space in your home. Decluttering and trying to figure out what to let go of and what to keep can be difficult, so if you don’t have a spare room, feel free to use one of ours! Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we’re here to help. We can provide storage solutions for you no matter the situation. To find out how self storage can help you, contact us or get a quote today.