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Children’s toy storage ideas

Children’s toy storage ideas

Thinking of workable children’s toy storage ideas can be a tricky task in a home full of active kiddies who love playing with their favourite toys but often forget to put them away. As a parent, you quickly learn that stepping on toy bricks, action figures, dolls, cars, and teddies is no fun at all. 

To help you out, we at Currie Easy Self Storage come up with these handy practical children’s toy storage ideas. Continue reading to discover more. 

Hanging storage

Using hanging storage is a great way to store your children’s toys at home. Nets and bags you can hang come in all different colours and designs, so you’ll have no trouble finding some to suit your decor. They shouldn’t cost you the earth to buy nor will they be too tricky to put up. 

Hanging storage clears floor space, so will undoubtedly make vacuuming the floor much easier. So not only will you clear the space, you can keep it cleaner too. Just make sure any hanging toy storage apparatus are attached safely and securely. 

Wall-mounted wire storage baskets

Having a decent amount of wall space to work with can be a real asset when you’re looking to optimise storage possibilities for your children’s toys. What use is having lots of free wall space if you don’t make the most of it? 

Sturdy wall-mounted wire storage baskets are another ingenious way to store your children’s toys. The nature of wire means that you can easily see what’s stored inside – plus they offer a stylish and industrial feel.

Storage cubes

Storage cube organisers will provide plenty of space for your kids’ toys. Looking for somewhere to store all your children’s board games? Storage cubes could be an ideal solution and an excellent practical addition to your family’s home living space. 

You can put storage cubes in the corner of the room or fabric collapsible storage cubes can simply be popped under a bed and out of sight. Simple often does the trick with practical home storage solutions.

Rent a secure self storage unit 

Renting a self-storage unit could be the answer to your prayers if you feel you don’t have the space at home to store the mammoth amount of children’s toys your kids have acquired over time. 

Young children can grow attached to their toys in no time, so you may notice a pile-up and storage issues emerging before you know it. Discover more about our self-storage decluttering services and how Currie Easy Self-Storage could help you resolve your children’s toy storage dilemmas.  

Reuse cardboard boxes 

Why not take the initiative to reuse cardboard boxes so they can act as storage for your children’s beloved toys? Reusing cardboard boxes is also a smart eco-friendly way to recycle and reduce waste. This simple storage solution and a positive example of a small sustainable measure you can take to lessen your family’s impact on climate change as a household. 

To make it fun for the kids, get the colouring pens out and let them decorate the boxes too and put their own stamp on their storage. You keep your space tidy and they can get creative – win win!

Sliding under-bed drawers

Having sliding drawers you can easily access is a great way to make good use of the space under the bed. If your budget allows, you could also source a bed that already comes fitted with under-bed sliding drawer storage. 

It’s much better for your children to be able to put their toys neatly away in under-bed storage when playtime’s over than having to contend with a ‘floodrobe storage’ situation where their toys are forever scattered all over the floor of your home. 

Children love playing and almost always have endless bundles of excess energy to burn. So, an interest in spending time playing with toys comes naturally to kids. These handy children’s toy storage ideas will allow your kids to continue to have tons of fun and joy with toys, but without messing up the house and turning it into a treacherous obstacle course for everyone!

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