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Space-saving furniture ideas for small apartments 

Space-saving furniture ideas for small apartments 

In 2021, around 5.4 million households in the UK were flats, maisonettes, or apartments. But cities such as London, Manchester, and Birmingham are home to large, ever-growing populations, and as a result, living space in apartments there can be pretty limited.

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we have years of experience providing home and business storage solutions. We provide secure storage units of all different sizes at our three self-storage facilities based in Isleworth, Richmond, and Twickenham around West London.

So, we know a thing or two about space-saving storage solutions for people living in smaller properties. Furniture can take up a lot of space in homes. Sofas, beds, chairs, and wardrobes aren’t always the easiest items to fit in a smaller property.

We believe there are ways around space-saving challenges and home storage headaches. Therefore, we came up with this blog for you on space-saving furniture ideas for small apartments. 

Go for minimalist space-saving furniture

You want lovely furniture in your new apartment but are worried about how it will fit, what can you do? The best idea is to adopt a minimalist approach and avoid cumbersome furniture which gobbles up your living space. Be minimalist in the furniture you purchase, and with your home design in general. Sometimes less is more.

Hoping to save yourself some money? Stylish new furniture isn’t cheap these days. Why not get smaller items of home furniture from charity stores? There are plenty of them around, and it will help you pay less than the going market rate.

Image of minimalist home decor.

Embrace furniture that can be used for multiple functions

Be resourceful and think about finding single items of furniture that can be used for multiple functions and purposes in your apartment. For instance, you can try to ensure that your bedside table also doubles up into a work desk to work on, something which is especially useful if you work from home. 

Image of a minimalist bedroom bedside table.

Create a DIY loft space if you have high ceilings

Does your apartment have limited floor space and high ceilings? Why not create a makeshift DIY loft space and use it as overhead storage? Nail it down properly and use the right materials. But be careful, if you are renting then this is an idea you should run by your landlord beforehand. 

Vertical fold-down wall beds 

Beds are home furniture items which tend to take up a large amount of floor space. Securely mounted vertical fold-down wall beds are a clever space-saving furniture idea if your apartment isn’t so spacious and floor space is limited.

Image of vertical fold-down wall bed.

Sofa beds 

Sofa beds are also a savvy two-in-one furniture option. But there are a wide range of different types of sofa beds out there on the market today, so just be sure to do your research before making any decisions. 

Ottoman beds

Under-the-bed storage can work space-saving wonders in a smaller living space. Ottoman beds have this covered for you, and you will be amazed at just how many things can be stored beneath them after they have been folded upwards. 

Moveable home storage furniture 

After more practical storage furniture? Why not go for a portable cupboard, wardrobe, or clothes rail on wheels? This is a useful solution if you are renting a smaller apartment. You will not be disturbing the place in any way and you can take them with you when your tenancy ends, so your landlord should have no issues with it. 

Wall or ceiling-mounted bicycle racks 

Bicycle racks can be fairly big, and bikes left standing will take up a large portion of any small apartment. A sensible storage solution, in this case, is to install wall or ceiling-mounted secure bicycle racks. That way, your bicycle won’t be left there taking up an excessive amount of floor space. There are plenty of safe wall and ceiling racks for bicycles on sale today, just have a shop around.

Image of a wall mounted bicycle rack.

Hire a self storage unit 

An ideal solution to your storage woes when living in a small apartment is to hire a self storage unit. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we have self storage units up to 200 sq ft in size at our three sites around the West London area. This is enough storage space to house the contents of 4-5 bedroom houses, undoubtedly more than enough for belongings stored in a small apartment. 

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our customers and finding solutions to their storage needs. So, you will be excited to hear that we also offer car and van hire to help with transferring your possessions to and from our units. 

Does the idea of using our self storage facilities to free up more space in your apartment sound appealing? Get in touch with us today to speak further about booking one of our self storage units by emailing or calling 08000 556 556.