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Home storage solutions

Home storage solutions

For the majority of us in the UK, space in our homes is a luxury. No matter the size of the room, we always seem to struggle to find that extra bit of storage we need. So it’s time to get creative and find that extra space that you desire! Below are a few of our favourite, innovative ways to make your home feel bigger, but there are plenty more ideas out there so get your thinking caps on!

What can you hide under the stairs?

The space under the stairs often becomes home to the vacuum cleaner, the kids gym kit and hundreds of different cables and wires, none of which you know their use. But there is much more you can do with that space. Dependant on the size of your stairs you could turn the space into a study or simply hang some shelves for all of those books you’ve collected over the years.

Keep the kitchen spacious

When the kitchen cupboards get filled to the brim with pots, pans and everything else, buy yourself a bathroom rail! No we haven’t gone mad, a standard bathroom rail fitted to the inside of a cupboard door provides the perfect place for storing lids for your pans. S hooks affixed to the walls also allow you to hang your pots, so you no longer have to spend time matching your pots to their lids!

There’s always space for wine!

Why not repurpose a pallet or crate and create a wine rack and glass holder? Fixing it to the wall will keep the wine bottles off you kitchen surfaces and the glasses out of the cupboards…and it looks very trendy!

Where’s the wire?

If you are forever having to find a fallen laptop charger, Ethernet cable or any other type of wire that has gotten lost down the back of your desk, use bulldog clips to keep the cables tidy and stop them falling leaving you with a tidy study!

Secret storage

Ever walked into a house and seen so many books in a shelf that look so perfectly lined up you would never dare touch them? You could create this look but have hollow storage space inside. Perfect for hiding clutter, no one will ever know!