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Ultimate moving house packing checklist

Ultimate moving house packing checklist

Moving home can be a stressful time which is why a good moving house packing checklist can alleviate some of the stress. Having an organised and efficient process in place will make your move smooth and stress-free.

Here is a moving house packing checklist to help you move with confidence and ease.

Packing essentials

Here are some essential packing supplies you will need to hand to ensure a smooth packing process:

  • Cardboard boxes (different sizes)
  • Packing tape
  • Permanent markers
  • Packing peanuts/bubble wrap
  • Scissors/box cutter
  • Labels
  • Coloured packing tape (optional, for colour-coding)
  • Mattress covers
  • Plastic bins/containers

To help make your move easier, Currie Easy Self Storage has a box shop that sells all the packing supplies you need.

Pack room by room

Packing room-by-room streamlines unloading. By dedicating boxes to specific rooms, you can easily direct them to their final destinations upon arrival, saving you time and frustration. Here’s what you’ll need to consider for each room of the house. 


  • Dishes (pack plates vertically)
  • Cookware (nest pots and pans)
  • Utensils (sorted in labelled containers)
  • Pantry items (non-perishables in sturdy boxes, separate perishables)
  • Small appliances (cords secured)
  • Decor (fragile items well-cushioned)
  • Blinds (removed and rolled up)
  • Bins (emptied and flattened)

Living Room

  • Books (packed upright)
  • Electronic items (original packaging preferred, separate cords)
  • Lamps (disassembled if possible, shades cushioned)
  • Decor (pictures, vases, etc. – carefully wrapped)
  • Sofas (check for detachable legs)
  • Rugs (rolled tightly and secured)
  • Curtains (removed and folded neatly)

Dining Room

  • Table (check for detachable legs)
  • Chairs (stacked securely, wrapped legs)
  • Decor (centrepieces, artwork, etc. – carefully packed)
  • Shelves (items removed, shelves packed separately, labelled)
  • Lamps (disassembled if possible, shades cushioned)


  • Beds (disassembled if possible, mattress and box spring protected)
  • Drawers (partially emptied to avoid overloading)
  • Wardrobes (clothes ideally left hanging, secure doors)
  • Clothes (folded or rolled neatly, packed in labelled boxes)


  • Potted plants (excess water drained, pots secured)
  • Outdoor furniture (cleaned, disassembled if possible, covered)
  • Gardening tools (cleaned and grouped securely)


  • Clearly labelled boxes based on contents
  • Pack light, prioritise storing heavy items on lower floors
  • Consider storing less used items in self storage until you have the time and space to unpack them


  • Drain fluids from machinery
  • Pack tools in a separate box and secure them
  • Consider taking valuables or immediate-need tools in your car

The moving day bag

The “Moving Day Bag” is a lifesaver on moving day and the first night in your new home. Pack it with essentials you’ll need right away to avoid digging through boxes looking for that screwdriver or hammer you swore you packed.

  • Change of clothes & pyjamas
  • Toiletries & medications
  • Phone chargers & portable battery bank
  • Important documents (ID, passports, insurance)
  • Snacks & drinks
  • Paper towels & toilet paper
  • Multi-tool/screwdriver
A couple smiling and holding a pile of boxes each.

Top Tips

Moving can be chaotic, but these tips will help you stay organised. From labelling and packing to decluttering beforehand, get ready for a smooth move.

  • Labelling: Clear labelling system for boxes (room, contents).
  • Colour-coding: Assign colours to different rooms for easier unpacking.
  • Fragile items: Packing tips for extra cushioning and security.
  • Filling boxes: Weight distribution and using empty spaces efficiently.
  • Decluttering before packing: Get rid of unused items for a smoother move.

Need some extra space during your move?

Moving often involves a temporary period between homes. If you find yourself with more belongings than your new place can accommodate right away, Currie Easy Self Storage offers secure, clean storage solutions in Twickenham, Richmond, and Isleworth. Their facilities are perfect for storing furniture, boxes, and other belongings while you settle into your new home.

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Don’t let moving be stressful follow our moving house packing checklist and our top tips for an organised and easy moving experience. Happy Moving!