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Home office storage ideas

Home office storage ideas

Many of us have been faced with adapting to working from home in recent times. And a home office should be an organised and clean environment where you can be productive and deliver results. 

There are indeed home storage solutions that can help maximise your home office space and make the very most of it. So, to help you out and provide you with some neat tips and pointers, we’ve come up with some insightful home office storage ideas.

It’s all about storage that suits your home office and leaves you with an ideal room to work from in peace.  Carry on reading to find out more. 

Image of a man with glasses holding a pen working in his home office space.

Bespoke storage

Getting things just as you like them is the ideal scenario for organising your home office space. Therefore, if you have the budget for it, you could look into hiring the services of a furniture and storage company or carpenter to fit your bespoke home office storage.

You’d be amazed at the wondrous storage and cabinetry just right for your home office space that specialists can conjure up in no time. If you’re willing to indulge in some DIY and purchase a few materials, you could save yourself money by making bespoke home office storage yourself.  

Image of paper file storage.

Make the most of vertical storage

Using vertical storage is a fab way to maximise your storage if you have a particularly small home office. Important documents and paperwork can easily be put away neatly in file folders. 

Have you got a high ceiling? Take advantage of the space with vertical storage cabinets. Getting a small ladder could be a wise idea if you’re having problems with reaching items stored higher up. 

A ‘cloffice’ can come in handy

A home office cabinet or a ‘cloffice’ is good for hiding away your monitor, keyboard, files and so on. We all know just how clunky and space-consuming home office equipment can be. A ‘cloffice’ means you can put easily things away and out of sight, allowing you to keep your home feeling homely when you’re not working. Keeping your home office decluttered is essential to organising your home office sensibly, especially if you have limited space. 

Hire a self-storage facility unit 

Do you feel you simply have too much clutter to comfortably fit in your home office space? An effective answer to dealing with the cluttering issues in your home office can be hiring a self-storage facility space. 

Currie Easy Self Storage offers multi-site storage spaces at locations in Richmond, Twickenham, and Isleworth from as little as a 16sqft locker, all the way up to 500sqft. Need personal or business self-storage in the south-East? Currie Easy Self Storage is on hand and excellently equipped to solve your home office storage dilemmas. 

Many modern businesses have moved to selling products and services online. Are you a business owner looking for some more storage space for all your business equipment and stocks? Fortunately, we at Currie Easy Self Storage offer business storage services, alongside personal home storage solutions. Find out more and get a quote on our website today.

Image of self storage units.

Get a pretty pinboard

Tired of your home office desk space being scattered with post-it notes and paperwork? Get a pretty mounted pinboard that you can hang up on your wall and your desk will soon look a lot clearer.  

Having a clearer workspace will instantly improve your organisation and productivity, things key to your success when working from home. A tidier home office equals a clearer mind free to work hard and focus on the tasks at hand. Getting a pinboard is a great starting point for clearing your home office space. 

Image of home office desk space 
with peg board on the wall.

Go stealth mode with hidden storage

Sometimes the best home office storage solutions are the most subtle and unassuming ones. Using secret drawers in storage cabinets, ottoman chairs, and lift-up lids, are all examples of top ways to come up with stealthy hidden storage for your home office.  

You can decide to take a ‘double up’ approach and go for multipurpose storage in your home office. For instance, ottoman chairs can also be used for storage as well as sitting on. You’d be surprised at how much you can fit into those ottoman chairs and how handy they can be for your storage needs!

Organise home office items into categories

Labels are your best friend when organising your home office items. You want to make sure finding the things you want in your office are easy to access. Divide your items into categories such as office supplies, work files, chargers, tech gadgets, stationery, and so on. 

It isn’t a good idea to spend all your precious work time searching for essential items around your home office. This could have a negative impact on your productivity. Start categorising items in your home office to save you time and bother.

Storage wall

One ingenious way to free up your office space and keep the floor decluttered is by putting all your storage needs on one storage wall. Place lots of cabinetry on your storage wall to maximise the number of office items you can put away safely.  

You can also use space-efficient shelving on a storage wall to store things like books, work diaries, stationery, files, etc. Make sure you really make the most of your wall space!

Image of storage wall.

Get a walk-in library

Do you have mountains of books, documents, and work folders that need storing away somewhere? A walk-in library with built-in storage could be a great home office storage solution. 

The best thing? It’s easy to build a walk-in library yourself! Simply measure up, purchase your materials and watch a few helpful YouTube videos. It doesn’t have to be expensive or hard work – but if you’d rather entrust a professional, a carpenter can always create and fit a bespoke walk-in library for you!

Repurpose items 

Re-using tins, cans, and cardboard boxes not only helps the planet, but it’s also a clever home office storage method. Thinking outside the box and repurposing items can work wonders when it comes to producing savvy home office ideas and optimising the space you have. You could turn a food tin into a pen and pencil holder or use a cardboard box as paper storage.  

Image of colour crayons in reused tin can.

Movable storage carts 

Hoarding items is not an efficient use of home office space. It’s better not to let your home office clutter up. Using a moveable storage cart that can be rolled away or slutted under a desk to store stationery and office supplies is a nifty home office storage solution you could look into. It may sound simplistic, but sometimes it’s the most basic storage ideas that work best. 

We hope you have gained some inspiration from this selection of hand-picked storage ideas for your home office. Are you on the hunt for self storage solutions that will help you organise your home office space better and keep it as clutter-free as possible? Get in touch with us at Currie Easy Self Storage to arrange to hire one of our units by sending an email to or telephoning 08000 556 556.