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Home Improvements

Renovating Your Home

In 2020, homeowners in the UK spent a staggering £55 billion on home improvements. It’s no secret that we have a strong passion for DIY in the UK, which makes sense. Unless you’re building your home to your own specification, rather than buying a pre-built house, there’s likely to be something that you’ll eventually want to change. Whether you’re fitting a shiny new kitchen or simply giving the place a fresh coat of paint, it’s a good idea to start looking at what you’ll do with your furniture whilst work is being completed.

Before You Begin

It may be tempting to rush out and buy lots of plastic sheets to cover your furniture so that it doesn’t get damaged, but you’ll soon realise how difficult it can be getting into those tight spots when you have bulky furniture in the way. If you’re going to invest in home improvements, you may as well ensure that it gets done properly, rather than having to redo some parts later on. Short-term storage is ideal for homeowners looking to renovate and if you end up needing it for longer, we are happy to accommodate.

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Short Term Or Long Term?

It doesn’t matter if you need a storage unit for a short time (our minimum is just 7 days) or for much longer; we have several options to ensure you get the best value for your money. We’ll start you off by giving you 4 weeks free when you pay for 4 weeks* and if you find a better deal on a like-for-like basis elsewhere, we’ll match it.

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Packing Materials

One of the many perks of storing your furniture whilst you renovate is that you won’t have so much to do when it comes to operation clean up as dust and paint splatters can find their way into every corner. Use the correct packing materials when you pack your furniture, to ensure it’s in the best condition when you take it home. You can find our range of packing materials online at the box shop

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Reward Vouchers

If you’ve hired a professional team, there’s a chance they may need a small storage space to store the building materials they will be using. Refer them to us and providing they take up at least 35sqft for a minimum of 12 weeks, we’ll give you reward vouchers.
*T&Cs apply

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