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How to pack boxes for moving house

How to pack boxes for moving house

Are you preparing to move home? Perhaps it’s because you’ve accepted a new job located in a completely different area, or some other major life change — like starting a family — has shifted your priorities. In any case, you will need to know how to pack boxes for moving house. 

Unfortunately, packing for moving house can be unexpectedly time-consuming. You can’t just chuck stuff willy nilly into boxes – unless you want a very stressful time unpacking! From getting distracted when you stumble across old keepsakes to not knowing how to safely pack certain items, packing boxes for moving house can take a long time.

Therefore, packing boxes time-efficiently can very much depend on you being well-organised and planning ahead. It would be wise for you to start putting together a packing to-do list so that you can break down your potentially onerous packing mission into smaller tasks — such as these…

Source supplies before you pack boxes for moving

Those supplies will obviously include the boxes themselves. At our packing box shop, we stock cardboard boxes in ‘small’, ‘medium’, ‘large’ and ‘extra large’ sizes, and list dimensions for each one. However, you will also need a few other things to help keep your packed items safe. 

packed boxes for moving house

For example, you will need a generous supply of bubble wrap, which we offer in various size rolls for packing items ranging from cutlery to furniture. We also sell packing tape, stretch wrap and more specialist packing materials, like sofa and mattress covers. Having all of this to hand when you start packing will make the whole operation much easier. 

Pack your essentials last

Examples of these would include passports, medicines, toiletries and extra clothes and bedding. If you decided instead to pack these first, you could spend too much time simply trying to find them amongst the clutter of non-essentials. 

However, if you focus on lower-priority items first, the more important ones should be those eventually left over by default. You can then easily find and collect them while hopefully avoiding any of those awkward “Oh, I forgot about…” moments. 

Pack boxes for moving house on a room-by-room basis 

To make it easier for you to prioritise with your packing, tackle your current home’s less used rooms first. So, you might want to start with the loft and the garden shed before sorting through the living room, kitchen and bathroom. 

For the benefit of whoever will be unloading your belongings, avoid putting those from multiple rooms into just one box. On each box, write the name of the room — like ‘living room’, ‘kitchen’, ‘bathroom’ or ‘parents’ bedroom’ — for which the contents are intended. 

What should go into which box?

When deciding, you should be careful not to overfill or excessively weigh down the box. For example, if you’ve got books to pack, put these in small boxes. Large boxes full of books will be too heavy to carry. Alternatively, fill just half the box with your books and reserve the remaining half for stuff much lighter, like cushions or tea towels.

You can generally guard against overfilling if you spare large boxes for lighter items and small boxes for heavier ones. Also, when the packed boxes are being stacked up, make sure the heavier ones are left at the bottom of the pile. 

When you should think (and pack) outside the box 

Not everything you want to get transported to your new home should necessarily be boxed for the journey. Your dog certainly shouldn’t, no matter how often they insist on jumping into any empty boxes you leave unattended. However, you should probably also leave valuables out of boxes. 

When it comes to valuable jewellery, small family heirlooms and important documents, you should probably just keep them with you for the trip. If you do need to put valuables in a box, at least inform anyone set to handle it that it is fragile, precious cargo. 

How will you get your packed boxes from A to B?

You could be reassured to know that, as Currie Easy Self Storage belongs to the Currie Motors Group, you can hire vans for removal purposes. If you’re a Currie Easy Self Storage customer, you even get a discount on van rentals!

How can you hire a removal van from Currie Easy Self Storage? You can do it all online, selecting the vehicle you need and when you will need it. Once you have submitted a completed enquiry form, a member of the Currie team will get in touch to confirm your booking. 

How we can help when you pack boxes for moving house

You know we’ve got you covered when it comes to packing boxes and tape, and that we can help you from A to B… but how else can Currie Easy Self Storage help you when it comes to moving house? 

Well, as you move house you may discover that there are things you don’t quite have space for in your new place. If you’re not ready to let go of these things yet, consider self storage. This is a great stop-gap to help you free up more space in your place. It means you don’t have to say goodbye to treasured possessions. 

Sorting and wrapping up your possessions is only one part of the house-moving puzzle. There naturally needs to be a fair bit of moving, too. If you’re not sure you have the right vehicle, feel free to contact us about our van hire service. Or, if you just want to chat about what we can do for you, give us a call on 08000 556 556. You can also email us at, so we can help you with your move.