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How to store musical instruments

<strong>How to store musical instruments</strong>

If it’s a real passion of yours, you will want to practice your instrument regularly and have easy access to it. But how do you go about storing musical instruments?

It’s fair to say, some instruments are considerably larger than others, and this can pose storage dilemmas at home. Storing the likes of guitars, drum kits, cellos, double basses, keyboards, pianos and brass instruments, together with all the equipment they come with, can take up lots of home living space. 

If you don’t already play a musical instrument, then why not make it one of your goals to start learning one soon?!

Here, we at Currie Easy Self Storage have come up with some sensible long-term solutions on how to store musical instruments. 

Woman in image playing double bass musical instrument.

Wall mounts

Browsing through the internet, you’ll be able to find out about all the amazing specialist musical gear you can get your hands on these days.

Do you have limited floor space at home and are pondering where to store your beloved musical instruments? Take advantage of the wall space at your disposal to hang your instrument safely on a mount. 

How to install a wall mount

Getting yourself a wall mount that’s a snug fit for your instrument is a smart storage idea. You will just need a drill, installation instructions, and some wall plugs to install the mount at home.

Image of guitar stored in a wall bracket.

Protective instrument bags and boxes

Specially designed protective instrument bags and boxes are your friend when trying to safely store musical instruments. There are amazing guitar and drum kit bags and boxes that can provide great protection from any damage that could occur when they are being moved around or put into storage. It’s all too easy to drop your musical instrument when putting it into storage.

Use bubble wrap and styrofoam

Protective packaging such as bubble wrap and styrofoam will help to protect the musical instruments and absorb any impact. You’d be surprised by the extent of damage that can be prevented by lining instrument boxes and bags with bubble wrap or styrofoam. You can never be too careful when storing your musical instruments. 


You may be storing electric equipment or digital musical hardware, and we all know that water and electricity don’t mix. You don’t want your favourite electric guitar ruined by water damage! So, be sure to get protective bags and boxes that are fully waterproof when putting electric musical items in storage.

Can I use my attic for storage?

You may well have an underused attic or loft space at home that is ripe for storage. If this is the case, consider carefully placing your instrument in a secure casing in your attic or loft area, and then get it down whenever you want to play! 

However, remember to try to not allow yourself to forget that it’s up there and leave it unused for a lengthy period of time acquiring dust! Getting the most out of your musical instrument by practising it regularly will mean your skills continue to improve at a healthy rate. 

Image of an empty attic storage space.

Make the most of your garage (if you’re lucky enough to have one)

Do you have a garage with the capacity for extra storage at home? If so, it could be wise for you to go and store your instrument in your garage. Be a responsible owner and make sure always you keep your wits about you by locking your garage and keeping your instrument well protected.

Hire a secure self storage unit

Storage space at home can be scarce at times, particularly if you’ve got a large or growing family. Sometimes, you may find you don’t have enough storage space left at home to store your wonderful musical instrument. 

Remember to go and check that the self storage units are properly temperature controlled. The condition of your musical instruments will be adversely affected by being stored over long periods of time in excessively hot or cold places. This is one of the many questions you should ask a self storage facility before deciding to store your instrument with them.

Image of an empty self storage unit.

Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we have 3 self storage facility locations in Richmond, Isleworth, and Twickenham around the West London area. 

Our self storage facilities are perfect for all your home storage solutions and come with 24-hour state-of-the-art security. You can access the Isleworth and Twickenham storage facilities 24 hours a day! Your instruments will be safe and sound with us at Currie Easy Self Storage. 

Interested in the idea of hiring a competitively priced self storage unit for your musical instruments? Pick up the phone and call us on 08000 556 556 or send an email to Our dedicated team here at Now Storage truly understand customers’ storage needs.