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What is long term storage and how can it benefit me?

What is long term storage and how can it benefit me?

As you accumulate more and more items for your home or workplace, you could start running out of
space. If relocating to a new, larger property isn’t a practical option, one alternative strategy would
be to have a local storage company keep hold of items on your behalf.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free storage solution in West London, look no further than Currie Easy
Self Storage! Whether you need short-term storage for just a few weeks or require a longer-term
option, we’ve got you covered. With no maximum limit on storage duration, you can trust us to keep
your belongings safe and secure for as long as you need. Our flexible options make storing your
items a breeze, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your belongings are in good hands.
You might come across some items that you don’t personally have enough room for but can’t bear
to part with yet — whether for practical or sentimental reasons. These would be ideal candidates for
long-term storage consideration.

What is long-term storage?

As we’ve mentioned, not all of your extra items necessarily require long-term offsite storage. Take
paper supplies, for example—such as toilet paper and printing paper. It’s easy to accidentally order
more than you need for the near future.

It’s worth noting that items like toilet paper and printing paper don’t typically have “use-by” dates,
so they can be used up over time. Even if you have more than you immediately need, there’s no rush
to get rid of them. We’re happy to provide short-term storage solutions for these items until you’re
ready to use them.

On the other hand, items like furniture and artwork don’t get “used up” in the same way but still
hold value and significance for you. For these items, you might consider long-term storage, which
typically involves storing them for at least three months or more.
Who needs long-term storage?

There are many situations where long-term storage can become invaluable. For instance, you might
find it ideal to consider long-term storage if you:

● Declutter living or working spaces: Maybe the building currently contains pieces no one
needs to use all year round — like Christmas decorations — or you have collectables that
you prefer to keep out of sight to prevent potential damage or theft.
● Preserve valuable belongings: In this case, the value doesn’t necessarily have to be
monetary. While you may possess an antique vase that holds significant monetary worth,
you might also treasure items like old photographs of loved ones who have passed away,
which hold immense sentimental value.
● Manage a life transition more flexibly: A divorce or death in the family can leave some
items without an obvious owner. Since it could take you months to decide what should
happen to those pieces, why not leave them in long-term storage in the meantime?
● Spend a sustained amount of time travelling: When you’re on a gap year or embarking on a
round-the-world trip, having a permanent home might not be part of the equation. In such
situations, you can rely on us to provide temporary storage solutions for your belongings.

● Find ‘overflow’ storage for business essentials: As your company grows, it could stack up
heavily on equipment, assets and inventory. If you end up with too much, why not transfer
them to a long-term storage unit until you need them?
The amount of long-term storage you require could fluctuate over time, but we would be able to
shift your belongings to a unit of a larger or smaller size as and when you request it.

The benefits of long-term storage

We offer storage units in Isleworth, Richmond and Twickenham for your convenience. All of these
units are kept clean and dry and protected with 24/7 security. To discover more about our long-term
storage solutions, feel free to explore our website.