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Self storage for business use

Self storage for business use

An increasing number of organisations across the UK are using self storage for business purposes. According to a 2021 study by the Self Storage Association, 83% of businesses taking advantage of self storage for business use were small-sized companies with 1-10 employees.

So, in what ways can self storage be useful for businesses to use? As expert providers in self storage for business and personal use with three sites in Richmond, Isleworth, and Twickenham, we at Currie Easy Self Storage decided to put together this blog about self storage for business use.

As handy extra storage

Businesses with significant amounts of stock, tools, archives, equipment, and office gear need somewhere to store all these items. Running out of storage space is only too easy for businesses. A feasible solution to your company’s storage needs is to hire a self storage unit space.

Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, our business storage units are an ideal smart solution to your business’s extra storage needs. Get yourself a quote and you will learn just how competitive our business storage rates are and how it can be a sensible investment for your extra storage needs.

Image of a printer in a business office.


Do you have expensive tools and equipment crucial for your business that you want to store safely to eliminate the risk of them being pinched by thieves? Perhaps you have boxes of important archives and documents containing private information relating to your company that you need to store somewhere with high-security provisions? 

Well, you’re in luck. The Currie Easy Self Storage business units are equipped with 24/7 CCTV monitoring systems and controlled access. We take the security of business and personal storage very seriously to provide you with the peace of mind you need.

Online Sales

E-commerce businesses have popped up everywhere in recent years in line with the rise in e-commerce sales. In December 2022, internet retail sales accounted for 26.6% of total retail sales, and in January 2021 at the height of the pandemic, this was as high as 37.7%. 

Inevitably, e-commerce companies need a safe place to store all their stock. After all, retail stock can dwindle in no time when you have lots of returning online customers ordering your products. Hiring our business storage units at Currie Easy Self Storage will mean you always have healthy stock levels for the products you sell on your online store. 

Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we also offer the service of accepting business deliveries on your behalf since you might not always be on hand and available to collect deliveries. 

To save your business money in the long run

Over time, using business self storage will help you save money. How exactly you may ask? Office space in the UK today can be rather expensive, particularly in well-connected central urban areas in major cities. Hiring a self storage unit, therefore, prevents you from needing to rent extra office space to use as storage.

A businessperson counting the money they have saved.

To help fully declutter your home office space

Do you work from home and want to keep your home office an organised decluttered space where you are able to concentrate? Well, the key to creating a home office where you can be productive and focus properly is by being minimalist with how your furniture arrangements. 

You can therefore use our storage units at Currie Easy Self Storage to declutter and store items, like home furniture, ornaments, sofas, and clumpy chairs, which you feel are taking up too much space in your home office. A tidy room is a tidy mind, and this is essential when you are working from home.

Image of a man working in a tidy home office.

To provide you with access to business items out of business hours

It may be that you would find self storage a useful business storage solution since it will provide you with access to important business items, such as trade equipment, outside of normal business hours. Thankfully, you can have access to your business units 24 hours a day at our Isleworth and Twickenham stores.

Interested in hiring self storage units to fulfil your business’s storage needs? Get in touch with us at Currie Easy Self Storage today by phoning us on 08000 556 556 or emailing