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What is business storage and how does it work?

What is business storage and how does it work?

Business storage refers to storing stock, inventory, documents, equipment, and any work-related items. Businesses need sufficient storage space in order to operate efficiently, meet customer demands, and plan for the future. 

At Currie Easy Self Storage, we provide secure business storage units up to 500 sq feet in size. Therefore, we pride ourselves on understanding the storage wants and needs of business owners, and we have a long list of returning business storage customers that reflects this.

Here, we delve further into how business storage works and why business owners need it. 

Can I run a business from a storage unit? 

Yes, whether it’s running an online crafts store, selling hair and beauty products, filming YouTube videos as an influencer or absolutely anything, you can run your business from a storage unit. 

Commercial space and offices can be expensive these days. At our competitively priced three business storage unit stores across West London, we can take care of storing your surplus stock, business equipment, archives, and more. 

Get in touch today if you want to run your business from one of Currie Easy Self Storage’s business units.

Stock storage

You need to be able to keep up and meet customer demands, and stock shortages can be fatal news for your business. Hiring a storage unit for secure stock storage is a great long-term solution to your business storage needs. 

Your sales may fluctuate a great deal throughout the year or be seasonal, meaning that at certain times of the year, you will need to have more business storage space. For instance, if you run an online clothing store and have a particularly popular winter collection. In such situations, hiring a business storage unit at Currie Easy Self Storage will come in handy, and you get 24-hour access at our Isleworth self storage facility.

How can I store stock safely? 

Firstly, make sure you stack your items carefully and start by putting heavier items at the bottom, and the lighter and more fragile stock towards the top.

Another top tip for storing your stock safely is to go with a self storage provider that implements effective security measures at their storage facilities. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we take the safety and security of your business storage seriously, and that is why we ensure your individual storage unit is alarmed and only those authorised to enter the building can do so.

What business stock can I store in a storage unit?

There are rules about the types of stock items you are and aren’t allowed to store in a business storage unit. For example, at Currie Easy Self Storage, although we allow you to store most things, it is our company policy is to not permit the storage of: 

  • living goods (animals and plants)
  • dangerous and flammable materials 
  • perishable items (including food and beverages that need refrigeration) 
  • illegal or unauthorised items 

Do I need insurance for my stock? 

Yes, you need to take out a firm business insurance policy before putting your stock into storage. For a small fee, we can include your goods on our insurance.

Why do ecommerce businesses need storage?

Online sales have skyrocketed in recent times. If you have managed to set up a successful ecommerce business and orders and flooding in, your home storage won’t suffice. And what’s more, warehouse space does not come cheap these days. Hiring a self storage unit and regularly using it will help you be agile and meet the stock and order fulfilment demands of your ecommerce business. 

Equipment storage

Office equipment storage

Are you a business owner with lots of spare office equipment lying around that you don’t want to get rid of? Perhaps you have recently downsized your office. A business storage unit is an ideal equipment storage solution. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, we have business storage units in a range of sizes that can easily store your office furniture and equipment, including chairs, desks, sofas, printers, photocopiers, and so forth.

Work tool storage

Whether you’re self-employed or work for a company, your work tools may be a crucial part of your livelihood. If you need certain tools to carry out your job, why not store them safely in a self storage unit?

For example, if you run a tree surgeon company, the work equipment that you need to store could include specialist chainsaws, rigging, and ladders. Are you a painter? You can store your paint containers and wallpaper in a storage unit rather than keeping them at home or cluttering up your work van. 

Archiving storage 

When you run a business, HMRC requires you to hold at least 6 years of company accounting document records on things like transactions, invoices, company expenses on long-term items (e.g. machinery and equipment), and tax returns. 

Yes, this is a lot of paperwork, and it must be stored somewhere. Fortunately, at Currie Easy Self Storage, we offer customers document and archiving storage solutions. Do you have a lot of important documents that need safe storage? You can trust our expert storage team at our stores.

What are the main benefits of using a business storage unit? 

You now understand a bit more about business storage and how it works. The main benefits of using business storage include:

  • increased security for your business goods
  • easy access 
  • peace of mind from knowing your stock or equipment is safe and securely stored
  • not worrying about your business items cluttering up your home or office space
  • optimising your business’s inventory management
  • giving you the capability to cope with surges in demand and seasonal sales fluctuations

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