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How to create storage in a small bathroom

How to create storage in a small bathroom

It can be very tricky to create storage in a small bathroom – but bathrooms need a lot of storage space. There are towels, flannels, first aid items, hair products, face products, cleaning products, body butters, soaps… the list goes on. Finding room for it all when you’ve only got a small space is a challenge, but it’s not impossible. With some ingenious shuffling around and a little DIY, you’ll be squeezing all your products into your tiny bathroom in no time. 

Here are our top tips to help you create storage in a small bathroom.

1. Create storage in a small bathroom… clean up!

Having cleaning products ready to grab in your bathroom is super handy. After all, you don’t want to have to trek downstairs every time you need to clean specks of toothpaste off your mirror. But cleaning products can take a lot of space. 

Take advantage of the roomy under-sink cabinets to keep bathroom cleaning supplies to hand. If space under there is tight, add in a tiered organiser or similar small shelves to make use of vertical space.

bathroom shelf storage

2. Sort, sort, sort.

Separating cleaning products from everything else isn’t the only sorting you should do. Instead of fumbling around in mismatched drawers and cupboards to find your face wash, sort products into easily itemised containers for easy-to-access, streamlined storage.

You might not have enough drawers and cupboards to separate things properly, so take advantage of drawer dividers to separate your moisturisers from your hair products. Alternatively, why not take a crack at making your own DIY fabric storage bins. These open bins are pretty and functional, so they can be kept out on open surfaces and save you valuable storage space.

bathroom drawer storage

3. Create storage in a small bathroom by letting it all hang out.

If you’re really struggling for cupboard and drawer space, it’s time to use your walls! You could mount extra shelves or cupboards, but this can get pretty pricey. There are a few options for you here instead.

For an inexpensive storage option, you could mount a set of baskets on your bathroom wall. Not only are these a hugely popular way to make the room look pretty (#basketwall has nearly 50,000 posts on instagram!) but the open tops provide easy accessibility whilst the raised sides keep products contained. To easily install these, stick nails through the top of the basket’s weave and hammer them into the wall. If you think the baskets might bear a heavy load, you can put nails towards the bottom of the basket too for more support.

bathroom hanging storage

Alternatively, if it’s your towels, flannels and linens you’re stuck with storing, mount wall hooks or a towel rack.

If knocking nails into the wall intimidates you a little (or you’re a renter) you can use adhesive hooks on walls, the backs of doors, and inside cabinets. Adhesive hooks inside cupboards are ideal for storing tools like hair dryers and hair brushes. Hooks on the back of doors are ideal for bath robes and towels. 

Hanging organisers are a great way to corral products in your shower, but they work well out of the shower too. Choose an organiser that combines multiple storage options, like shelves, baskets and hooks, so you can use it for any and all products. Hang it from a hook or over the back of your shower in an easy to reach spot. 

4. Make the most of your mirror.

Every bathroom needs a mirror – but a mirror takes up valuable wall space. Kill two birds with one stone by buying a medicine cabinet with a mirror on the front instead.

When you’ve got a medicine cabinet, you can take advantage of this behind-the-door storage hack and boost the capacity of your wall cabinet. Attach a magnetic memo board inside the door of the cabinet to make a storage hub for small grooming tools. If the items are metal, you can stick them right to the board. Alternatively, you can use small magnetic containers or hooks to hold items. Make sure to arrange items so the door can still shut completely.

5. Get creative!

Repurposing is the name of the game. When you’ve got a small space, using what you’ve got creatively is super important. 

Got a bar cart that doesn’t get as much use as you’d like? Replace bottles of spirits with bottles of lotion, shakers with shampoo, glasses with towels and flannels. When you need these essentials, roll the cart out into the bathroom. When you’re done, roll it back out and store it in a closet, hallway, or a larger room. 

Kitchen items may be more useful than you think in your bathroom, so don’t stop with your bar cart! Vertical storage is the best way to use counter space. Grab a paper towel holder from your kitchen and use this to store bracelets or hair ties.

Consider self storage

No matter how many handy storage hacks you have, sometimes you just don’t have enough space for your stuff. If you just can’t squeeze it in no matter how much you try. Here at Currie Easy Self Storage, that’s what we’re here to help with. 

Now of course you don’t want to store your bathroom essentials a few miles away, but freeing up extra storage space in your home can help you spread your less-used bathroom products out into cupboards elsewhere in your house.

bathroom drawer storage

To find out how self storage could help you, visit our blog or contact us today.