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Short term storage solutions with Currie Easy Self Storage

Short term storage solutions with Currie Easy Self Storage

There are certain life events that we remember long after they have occurred; for starters, think moving home, embarking on a holiday and having a baby.

This memorability is ironic when you consider that these life events are, well, events, and so very much come and go before you settle back into a kind of normality. Still, these events aren’t necessarily so brief that they don’t bring about a significant amount of disruption.

For example, there could be a period of just a few weeks or months where some of your belongings are left without an obvious home. When this happens, you could opt to temporarily leave those possessions in a short term self storage unit you rent from a company like Currie Easy Self Storage.

The benefits of short-term storage solutions

In West London, we offer a range of compartments where you are welcome to store anything that isn’t living, dangerous, perishable, illegal or unauthorised. Here are other reasons to store with us:

  • Time flexibility: There was once a time when you could need to rent a self-storage unit for at least a year. However, you can use our self-storage for just a week at a time, if you wish.
  • Affordability: Exactly because you don’t have to commit to a self-storage space for longer than you strictly need, you can save yourself money.
  • High security: Our self-storage spaces are monitored 24 hours a day via sophisticated CCTV technology, while each of the units comes with its own alarm to warn of any intruders.
  • Convenience: If you aren’t certain about the ultimate fate of certain items in your possession, you can hand them over to us in the meantime.

In essence, our short-term storage solutions enables customers to find a temporary safe place for particular physical items during what could be called ‘transitional periods’ of the customers’ lives.

Choosing the right units for your needs

Of course, many companies offer short-term storage solutions, so why should you turn to Currie Easy Self Storage in particular? Taking the following steps can provide you with an answer — or several.

  • Sort through your items carefully: Are there some that could be stored elsewhere, or even sold or donated? You might not need quite as much self-storage space as you think.
  • Choose the right location: The self-storage unit will ideally be within easy travelling distance of where you live. We run storage sites in Richmond, Twickenham and Isleworth.
  • Use our ‘space estimator’ tool: This is available on our website and can help you to quickly discern what size of storage unit would be big enough for the intended contents.
  • Scrutinise the rental terms: Keep in mind that, when storing with us, you will be able to shift between different sizes of storage unit at any time.
  • Check accessibility: Will you have the option of retrieving the items when you are especially like to need them? Our Twickenham and Isleworth premises offer access 24 hours a day.

We have made it easy for you to reserve a self-storage unit via our website. The storage units we offer for rental range from 20 to 200 square feet in size.

Getting started with Currie Easy Self Storage

Maybe you have moved out of your house but must still wait before moving permanently into a different one? Alternatively, you could be eager to renovate your current home without risking damage to precious items usually kept in the property.

These are just examples of situations where short-term storage solutions could help. To enquire about those we have available, please call 08000 556 556 or email