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Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips

Putting the tree up is always the first step to feeling like Christmas is really on the way. Christmas tree decorating can be one of the most fun pre-Christmas traditions – but it can also be a bit chaotic and challenging sometimes. Tinsel is tangled, lights won’t illuminate, baubles are broken…it’s tricky! But it doesn’t have to be! Christmas tree decorating can be fun and you can have the tree of your dreams. 

If you always put in lots of effort only to have a disappointing tree, never fear! Here are our top Christmas tree decorating tips. 

1. Find the perfect tree

Finding the perfect tree is a complicated task. If the tree is too big, it will overwhelm the room. If it’s too small then it will disappear into the background, no matter how twinkly and pretty you make it look. Understanding the space you have to use will help!

Then there’s the eternal question – real or fake? A real tree is more exciting, of course. You get the christmassy pine needle smell and a living tree in your home! However, it’s both more cost-effective and environmentally friendly to buy and re-use an artificial tree. Buying and storing a tree you can use year after year is much greener and involves less waste than a real tree. 

Artificial Christmas trees made from premium materials provide a great base for a beautifully decorated tree. They’ll also be more durable and stand up to repeated use Christmas after Christmas. 

2. Start fluffing 

Fluffing up Christmas tree branches can take longer than you may like, but it can make such a difference to the finished tree. It’s a great way to get the family involved too! 

If you have an artificial tree it can look a bit sparse when you first put it up. Fluffing up and rearranging the needles and branches can make the tree look fuller and more natural. The aim is to get each branch to spread out and cover as many empty gaps as possible. Separate each individual branch and gently push back the needles. With artificial trees, you can bend the branches to fill gaps if needed.

3. Light it up

The first decorations you put on your tree should be the lights. If you put the lights on after baubles and tinsel, you’ll struggle to get the lights deep into the tree and layer them up, which is what creates the lovely twinkly effect. 

In order to have enough lights to properly kit out your tree, you may need more than you think. For a 6ft tree, you need about 15 metres of lights as a minimum. A good rule of thumb to follow is 5 metres of lights per 2ft of tree.

Start at the bottom of the tree. Weave the lights over one branch and under the next one. Work up the tree row by row until you reach the top, and then work back down again. The first layer of lights should be buried nice and deep in the tree, close to the trunk. Each layer after that should come further and further out down the branches. This will leave you with a bright, twinkly tree that makes a perfect backdrop for the rest of your decor. 

4. Pick the perfect decorations

Do you want to go for a classic red, white and green tree? Or is a sparkly golden theme more up your alley? If neither of those feel right, how about a blue, silver and white Christmas theme? Figure out a colour scheme before you start decorating. 

Whether you go for baubles, garlands, ribbons, tinsel, fairy lights, or all of the above, go for decorations that complement the appearance of your tree. 

5. When Christmas tree decorating, balance is key

Whether you’re a minimalist when it comes to tree decor or you like to throw everything at a tree and see what sticks, arrangement is key. Start arranging from top to bottom. Arrange sets of 6 or 9 matching or identical baubles in large ‘z’ shaped formations from the top of the tree to the bottom. Do the same with a complimentary set of baubles of different sizes. Repeat this process until your tree looks balanced and full. Leave any extra special decorations for last, to make sure they get the perfect spot. 

To create a very visually balanced tree, focus larger baubles towards the centre of the tree and smaller ornaments towards the top and bottom, and the ends of branches. 

6. Top the tree

The tree-topper is the star of the show – no pun intended. If you’re bored of the same old angels and stars or you can’t find something to fit your theme, make your own topper! A giant bow in your chosen colour makes a great alternative. 

A homemade or original tree-topper is a great idea, but make sure it fits the balance, proportions and theme of your tree. If you have a teeny tiny tree with a giant star on top, the balance hasn’t been quite reached!

How can Currie Easy Self Storage help you this Christmas?

Christmas is one of those times of the year when there never seems to be enough space in the house. From the added house guests to the extra food to all the presents and decorations, your house gets full to bursting in the blink of an eye. If space is a constant pressure around the holidays (or all year round!) consider taking out a self storage unit. Self storage can give you a little extra space for your holiday decorations, and it’s a great way to keep presents away from prying eyes until the big day! 

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