Paint Your Way To Extra Space

Everyone craves extra space in their home. Some of us spend an awful lot of money trying to create that space, but all we really need to know is how to manipulate a tin of paint! Here are a few painting tricks that will enhance your space:

Match Away

Try painting shelves or small pieces of furniture the same colour as the walls. Not only does it make the furniture feel brand new but it also makes the room feel less crowded.







Dark isn’t always dreary

A dark paint in a small space isn’t everyone’s cup of tea however it is used as a trick for creating a sense of depth. Dark greys and blues make it hard to see where a wall begins and ends, making you think there’s more space.


Half and Half

Half paint your walls or give them a thick top border to make your ceilings seem higher than they are


Remember if painting doesn’t get you the extra space you need then we are here to help you with your storage options.